Finally overcome the barrier between you...
...and everything you want to provide for yourself, your company and your family!

Dear Friend,

At age 39, I was broke, with over $100K in credit card debt.

I had zero income.

My wife just left me and I didn’t even have the money to support our daughter.

That’s right.

I failed in the most sacred job on the planet... feeding my daughter.

I was fat, sick, depressed…

… I couldn’t even support myself, let alone my little girl…

… so I even had to move back in with my parents! (Yes, at 39!)

It’s true. At age 40, just one year later…

… I was completely debt-free!

And one year after that, at age 41…

… I became a millionaire for the first time!

I know it may be difficult to believe, but just assume for the moment that it really happened.

(It did.)

How Did This Transformation Take Place So Rapidly?

The answer is very simple: I had a mentor.

You see, I was lucky enough – blessed enough – to have someone take me by the hand… and show me the “rules” for becoming rich.

And what I discovered is…

… becoming rich is not hard, it’s just… different!

You have to do things different than before.

But here’s the problem: you can’t just be different for the sake of being different. You have to know what works.

Like my mentor told me...

… “your very best thinking has gotten you exactly where you are today.”

The position I found myself in… single, jobless, and clueless…

… was the final result of doing what I thought to be right. (But I couldn’t have been more wrong!)

A new way of thinking plus new habits… guided by my mentor… are all it took to turn my life around.

What I find with almost all of the clients I work with is...

... they are successful in one or more areas of their lives, but feel like complete failures in others. They feel for the sake of career, they must sacrifice their family relationships or even their health.

I am happy to tell you... you don’t have to choose between your career and your health, your family, your loved ones!

If you're like the majority of people that come to me for help, you want to:

  • Locate that “sweet-spot” balance between the different “modes” of your existence: work, family, health, hobbies, and more.

  • Possess absolute confidence you are performing at your highest level possible (I’ll help you find the tools to help you do exactly that).

  • Know beyond the shadow of any doubt you are doing exactly what you should be doing with your life (no more second guessing!)

  • Make an indelible mark upon all the people you wish to… so you can easily spread your influence as far and wide as you want.

  • Leave a lasting legacy for your family, friends, and community, so that you will always be remembered for leaving the world a better place.

  • Have more energy to complete your work and have plenty left over for recreation… never rely on caffeine or energy drinks again!

  • Easily earn as much money as you need, so that you can provide for those you love and the causes important to you.

  • Live a full and happy life with no regrets, so you’ll never have to say to yourself… “I wish I would have…”

You'll be very happy to know that I have created a program specifically for you.

My Monthly Mentor™ program will teach you what I’ve learned about setting and achieving goals.
This is the same program that helped and has been endorsed by:

… along with so many others I am privileged… and humbled… to call my clients.

  • Ever find yourself constrained by the goals categories of other self-improvement programs? Me too!  My optimal division of goal categories  will practically force you to begin practically putting actions in motion… so that you will begin achieving  your goals right away [Disc 1, Track 1, 2:20].
  • I’ll show you the secret to having a full and rich life!, Yes, you can finally have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted  [Disc 1, Track 1, 3:45].
  • My exclusive secret… that will guarantee you will achieve  the goals that you have set for yourself… so that you can finally possess  that sense of fulfillment which has  eluded you   until now [Disc 1, Track 3, 4:10].
  • How and why to properly delegate tasks and responsibilities, even (and especially) if you’re a “rugged individualist” who prefers  doing everything yourself.  (Hint: delegation frees you from your own limitations of time and ability) [Disk 1, Track 4, 0:20].
  • Want to always be moving closer to your goals? I’ll show you the one critical activity you must complete every year that will keep you almost effortlessly moving toward your own self-selected goals  [Disk 2, Track 1, 0:45].
  • Spend too much time doing things you hate to do? My  “reality check” exercise will show you just how closely your   life matches your dreams, so that you can stop doing whatever is  getting in the way of the life you love [Disk 2, Track 3, 3:35].
  • My super-simple technique to uncover, document, and review your “loves”… so that you are always moving closer to  those things that bring YOU true love and fulfillment [Disk 2, Track 3, 5:03]
 I want to start doing what I LOVE to do! » 

What makes my program different is… nothing is “forced” or “imposed” upon you. I walk you through proven techniques for discovering what is truly most important to you...

… even if that side of you has been buried through years of neglect…

… so that you’re always moving closer to your ideal life!

You will learn:

  • My fail-safe method of  "reverse-engineering" the kind of life you want to achieve, every month. Nothing is left to chance [Disk 3, Track 3, 5:17].
  • Want to dramatically increase the likelihood your goals will actually be achieved? Listen as I explain my goal-planning exercise [Disk 4, Track 1, 0:19].
  • You CAN achieve “outrageous” goals (even those that scare you a little!) if you do this [Disk 4, Track 1, 4:49].
  • Two possessions you must have   before your goal targets can be met [Disk 4, Track 7, 0:45].

I want to achieve more of my goals than ever before! » 

With my goal setting, recording, and measurement system… you’ll have everything you need to figure out what you really want to do and motivate yourself to get it done.

No more getting discouraged and giving up!

You’ll also discover benefits such as:

  • The easy procedure for unlocking the gate  to abundance  in your life [Disk 5, Track 2, 2:10].
  • The one common characteristic ALL wealthy people possess, and guess what? You can obtain that characteristic, too (it’s not hard to do) [Disk 5, Track 3, 0:28].
  • What you’ll gain when you discontinue watching “The Simpsons” or “Married with Children”  (and it’s not  what you think) [Disk 5, Track 3, 0:55].
  •  News flash! You probably cannot clean up your own messes. I’ll explain why, and even better… I’ll show you why that’s actually good news! [Disk 5, Track 3, 3:40].
  • The surprisingly simple reason why a neat closet is essential for your success in whatever you do in life [Disk 5, Track 5, 7:14].
  • The one single-most important action you can take to maximize your energy… so that you have an ample reservoir  of stamina after your daily work is completed… to fully enjoy your family, friends, and hobbies [Disk 5, Track 6, 2:50].

I want to increase my stamina and energy! »

This concept of the “mess” is integral to the Monthly Mentor™ program. I define “mess” as “any discrepancy between the inside and the outside of you”.

It may simply be an issue with your car or house that needs attention… or it may go deeper to include your physical health or personal relationships.

When you get started in the Monthly Mentor™ program, you’ll also learn:

  • Stuck in a financial rut? Here’s my number one method of earning more every year, while freeing up time for vacations or taking care of your health or whatever you want to do [Disc 6, Track 1, 2:40].
  • My secret to obtaining better focus (no more getting distracted by “bright shiny objects”) [Disc 6, Track 2, 3:00].
  • Incompetent at certain tasks? Don’t worry…your productivity won’t suffer… in fact, I’ll show you how to get more done than ever before! [Disc 6, Track 2, 3:09].
  • Watch as I destroy four common objections to effective delegation.  Be careful! Holding onto these objections will keep you from achieving what is truly important to you [Disc 6, Track 3, 3:04].
  • Want a fuller life? You’ll want to implement my teaching on how to get less of what you do not love, and more of what you do love [Disc 6, Track 7, 5:22].

I want to get more of what I love out of life! » 

In the Monthly Mentor™ program, nothing is left to chance. Each step is carefully explained, so you’re never in the dark about what you should do, and why.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • Did you know that the way you write down your goals will have a large impact on whether you achieve them or not? Follow my  six goal recording rules and you will  maximize your successes in reaching your milestones [Disc 7, Track 1, 0:49].
  • Why selecting the right deadline for your goals is essential to actually seeing them accomplished (choose the wrong deadline, and your goals  will  NOT be  reached) [Disc 7, Track 1, 2:50].
  • Why setting a goal of “buying” a home by a certain date is a big mistake (do this instead) [Disc 7, Track 2, 0:55].
  • The one word you should never, ever include when writing down your goals… eliminating this tiny little word will cause you to achieve your goals more consistently… and faster! [Disc 7, Track 3, 0:39].
  • How to get much more accomplished by focusing on RESULTS, not effort [Disc 7, Track 4, 0:56].
  • Did you know? The human mind cannot focus on the negative… or on the absence of something (anything!). When you need to break a bad habit, here’s what you should do instead  [Disc 7, Track 5, 0:20].
  • Why  “formulas” are goal killers! I’ll show you the simple item to include in your goals instead  [Disc 7, Track 5, 5:00].
  • The one factor in your goals that will murder your results  every time… unless you know this secret [Disc 7, Track 6, 3:00].

In the Monthly Mentor™ program, goal-setting and attainment is not a bore… it’s fun!

You’ll also discover:

  • How you can easily “earn the right” to experience more successes in every area of your life [Disk 8, Track 1, 2:41].
  • The only personal characteristic that really counts in the long run (ignore this one, and you will never, ever get ahead!) [Disk 8, Track 2, 0:58].
  • The secret to KNOWING you are on the right path to achieve your goals (no guessing or “faith” required!) [Disk 8, Track 2, 2:07].
  • Doubting Thomas? Here’s an easy exercise that crushes those nagging doubts that you will ever achieve success [Disk 8, Track 3, 3:40].
  • Don’t just  “overcome” your obstacles… transform them into the very thing that will help   your goals become reality [Disk 9, Track 1, 4:02].
  • My scientific, paint-by-numbers approach  for using  “PMA” (Positive Mental Attitude) to  smash your obstacles [Disk 9, Track 5, 6:06].
  • An easy approach for deciding upon what goals to focus on right now [Disk 10, Track 1, 1:57].
  • The “giant bulldozer” method of eliminating those things from your life that you don't want anymore, so that you can move closer to what you DO want in your life. [Disk 10, Track 6, 4:30].
  I want to get more of what I want… and less of what I do not want! »

How much different would your life be if you KNEW you would achieve whatever you set out to do?

In the Monthly Mentor™ program, I show you how to gain that confidence.

You’ll also learn:

  • The single, most completely ethical way to get people to do more of what you want [Disk 11a, Track 5, 1:52].
  • One area where just a tiny little effort will tie you for a World Record! [Disk 11a, Track 7, 8:02].
  • An example of a small action that can cause someone to remember you favorably… even twenty years later! [Disk 11a, Track, 1:28].
  • The surprising reason why keeping a supply of postage stamps at the office AND at home can cause your business to grow [Disk 11b, Track 8, 2:07].
  •  Trying to “predict the future” to create the life you want? Bad idea. Do this instead [Disk 12, Track 1, 0:53].
  • The single-most trait that sets apart high income earners from virtually all middle- to -low income earners (and it's easy to  acquire this trait) [Disk 12, Track 2, 2:43].
What is this elusive trait? » 

I’ll help you establish positive habits that will help you achieve the life you deserve.

I’ll even show you

  • Goals seem too big for you to handle? Not anymore! [Disk 13, Track 1, 1:19].
  • Secrets to achieving BIG goals, no matter how many times you have failed before [Disk 13, Track 1, 2:49].
  • How to “delegate”… even if you’re a “take charge” person who likes to do everything yourself  [Disk 13, Track 4, 3:50].
  • How to get more done with less time and energy… you can even increase your sales with less effort, IF you know how [Disk 14, Track 1, 1:20].
  • Tired of “convincing” your prospects to buy? I’ll give you my secrets to making your product or service most appealing to your prospects [Disk 14, Track 3, 0:56].
  • Want to sell more? Listen while I explain the simple reason why   grouping benefits and features together will make that happen for you [Disk 14, Track 4, 5:45].
  • The three little words that should always be included in all of your sales copy and product literature. It’s simple to do, but hardly anyone does it [Disk 14, Track 6, 6:00].
  • How to continually get the most of life, so that you’re never wondering “what’s missing?” [Disk 15, Track 1, 4:01].
  • How to prime the pump and get instant ideas that will help you produce more… immediately! [Disk 15, Track 4, 4:05].
  • The very best time to review your goal progress… do this, and you will spur yourself on to higher and higher levels of achievement [Disk 15, Track 5, 5:10].
  • Why you MUST review your “ideas in waiting” every quarter – if you want to keep your “idea reservoir” bubbling over with the very best ideas!  [Disk 15, Track 5, 5:39].
  • The lightning-fast method of honing in on what you really want out of life, so that you always get what you want [Disk 15, Track 6, 1:54].
  • How to set up a system for recording everything you want to achieve. Do this,  and you never have to worry about “forgetting” any of your goals [Disk 15, Track 6, 4:47].
  • The secret  to achieving your goals almost “automagically”! [Disk 15, Track 7, 1:41].
  • The one “addiction” that will push you toward  producing more and more achievements, almost effortlessly! [Disk 15, Track 7, 3:48].
I want to achieve more of my goals with less effort! » 

Here’s What’s Included:

In a moment, I’ll answer the most commonly-asked questions about the program.

If you just want to find out what you’re getting, here’s what you need to know...

Module 1 -- Understanding The MAINLY™: what I call the “Six Pathways of Life”. In this module, you’ll find complete definitions of the six pathways and numerous examples of goals you can create. You’ll also discover the importance of writing at least one goal for each pathway every month, coupled with my process that will insure your goals are achieved.

Module 2 -- Annual Love Letters™: discover your true “loves” so you can pursue them with passion.  In this module, youwill complete a powerful new exercise to discover everything you truly love to do.

Module 3 -- My Life Missions™: focus on what is truly important in your life. This module provides an easy way to determine what’s truly important to you… what you would like to be remembered for in this lifetime.

Module 4 -- Annual Backwards Goals™: the best way to focus your monthly efforts on your annual goals.  In this module, I teach you the very best method of “reverse-engineering” the goals you have set for the coming year.

Module 5 -- Cleaning Messes™: how to clean up any discrepancy between what is inside you and what is outside of you. You will discover the importance of taking action right away to clean your “Messes”.

Module 6 -- Delegation™: uncap the limits on your productivity.  Learn why you don’t need to do everything yourself.

Module 7 -- Simplified Goal Recording Rules™:  how to properly record your goals so that you actually achieve them. My simple techniques will cause you to achieve your goals almost effortlessly… properly recording them is the key!

Module 8 -- Recent Successes™: the simple method of duplicating your successes. Discover why the simple act of noticing your successes helps you achieve more, faster than ever before. Celebrating your achievements inspires you to build upon them.

Module 9 -- Overcoming Obstacles™: transforming brakes into fuel for achieving your goals. You’ll learn the key to overcoming any obstacle…, amazingly enough, within the obstacle itself. Using a specially designed form, you’ll discover how to eliminate all the obstacles keeping you from achieving your toughest goals and moving forward in your life.

Module 10 -- The Priority Organizer™: ensure you get the important things done.  You’ll learn the critical difference between what is urgent—what needs to be done quickly. And important—what you think is absolutely critical in your life.

Module 11 -- Mastery of Acknowledgment™: the secret of endearing yourself to others. You’ll learn how sincere acknowledgments of others can encourage them to continue giving you more of what you acknowledged. You’ll see how an acknowledgment of one person often has an amazing ripple effect that affects others as well.

Module 12 -- The Future Generator™: how to generate your own future. I’ll show you how to cultivate your own “idea reservoir” so that never “lose” great ideas. Also, you’ll learn to prioritize these ideas properly.

Module 13 -- The Total Ingredients Process™: turn your goals into results. This process outlines another powerful way to achieve very tough goals. (The other way to do it is outlined in Module 9, Overcoming Obstacles™.)

Module 14 -- Their Viewpoint™: how to increase your sales… with less effort. This module teaches you how to link the characteristics of your company, your staff and yourself, plus the features of your products and services, to the benefits which your current and potential clients receive. When you learn how to look for and express the benefits that you, your company, your staff and your products and/or services offer, your income will rise, your company’s sales will increase, your personal and business relationships will improve and your self esteem will grow.

Module 15 -- Designing My Ideal Life™: create a life you love. How to create a complete personalized lifetime system to help you continually get the most out of your mentored life.

The complete home study version comes with three 3-ring binders, with audio CDs and transcripts for each lesson, plus online access to the resource area on the Monthly Mentor™ website.

This is your opportunity to have a mentored life!

Do you think that what you want is just out of reach?

My system has worked for others… and it will work for you too.

It worked for world-famous Robert Kiyosaki:

“I thank Raymond Aaron and his tapes on goal-setting for helping me achieve more with less stress.”

Cash Flow Quadrant, page 187.

It worked for Robert Allen (author of every “Nothing Down” real estate investing book in existence):

“The Monthly Mentor™ program is one of the best mentoring programs available.”

It worked for Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus:

“Raymond's groundbreaking technology of goal-attainment is the first truly new material on this subject in many years. It is a unique approach that will skyrocket your ability to achieve your own goals.”

Jack Canfield

Co-creator of "Chicken Soup
for the Soul"

“He has literally helped me double my income while doing what I love, when I say double, it's like double, and then double again and then double again, and then double again...”

Marci Shimoff

Best Selling Author of
"Happy For No Reason"

“The whole program is so well structured and so well put together to ensure that you absolutely create the life of your dreams…”

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

"...Raymond is going to make your best self a BETTER self..."


Fred Johnson

Acclaimed Jazz Musician and Performer

"...Raymond could take the best I had to offer the world and give me a model to touch the world to a greater degree and live more abundantly.  Make more money and be happier at what I do..."

The first portion of the Monthly Mentor™ program (Modules 1-4) retails for $9,800 and $1,000 per month for the ongoing training. It contains the valuable wisdom and lessons that will leapfrog you up to a mentored life.

Don’t worry about the advanced program right now; I’ll tell you more about that later.

But as an internet special, I’m going to give you a gigantic discount off of the retail price.

What is this worth to you?

Imagine… living the life of your dreams.

  • Full of energy and vitality.
  • Happy and frequent vacations.
  • Fit, slender, and healthy.
  • High, effortless income.
  • No debt, and large savings.
  • Blessed relationships.
  • No medical issues.
  • Spiritually uplifted.
  • Feeling young all the time.

All of these are available to you.

If only one or two of these benefits appeal to you, I want you to know they are a package deal.

You aren’t limited to just a few… when things start happening in your life, it’s like the tide that lifts all the boats moored in the harbor.

If you follow the same steps as I have, you will begin to achieve the same results.

Now I want to tell you about the…

In the Advanced Program, you

  • Clean your messes.
  • End procrastination forever!
  • Increase your wealth every month.
  • Get out of debt.
  • And much, much more!

It costs $6,000 and you pay that later, after you achieve your mentored life.

Now I want to tell you about something very, very exciting.

We’ve noticed that sometimes people buy programs, and they don’t get into it to get the value out of it.

I don’t want that!

I’m not interested in selling these programs…

…I AM interested in is making a gigantic difference in your life.

We’ve created a way for that to happen for EVERYBODY!

We’ve created the Monthly Mentor™ Quickstart Program.

For $1,000, you get 4 teleseminars where I explain EVERYTHING. I walk you through every aspect of the program, from opening the cover to applying all of the material.

The next thing I want you to know is this program is tax deductible as a training expense.

This means you can offset any business income with your investment into this program.

With the Monthly Mentor™ program another benefit is:

Opportunities: You’ll seize them!

Obstacles: You’ll overcome them!

Vacations: You’ll enjoy them!

Goals: You’ll achieve them!

Messes: You’ll eliminate them!

Income Streams: You’ll increase them!

Dreams: You will live them!

Just like I do, and my mentoring clients all over the world.

All this might seem too difficult right now because your burdens are so heavy.

But with a mentor, you can go places you never thought you’d go!

Solutions will come that you never even thought of!

As an internet special, you’ll only pay $9,800 $3,495 for the entire basic program.

Isn’t that a small price to pay to totally transform your life?

Here’s the most important thing:

Other programs may or may not work.


You know it does… you’ve seen all the testimonials of others that say it does.

And I’ll prove it to you:

I completely guarantee that you WILL achieve your goals or you get all of your money back… AND you get to keep ALL the materials.

That’s right!

No one else offers this!

I’m the only one that offers a guarantee like this!

How can I do this? Why am I willing to take a risk on you?

Because Monthly Mentor™ WORKS!


If I were to guess some of the objections you might have to investing in my Monthly Mentor™ package, here are what my top guesses would be… based upon the thousands of clients who have completed the course.

Resistance Reason #1: “The Monthly Mentor™ program looks good, but I just don’t have the money right now.”

Aaron’s Answer #1: If the cost of the program seems out of reach for you, then you really do need my program! How many more years will you spend doing the same old actions that give you the same poor results?

Resistance Reason #2: “I don’t have the time.”

Aaron’s Answer #2: The majority of people can find time to watch TV, sporting events, fiddle around with hobbies, and so on.

Isn’t your life worth the same level of time commitment?

Resistance Reason #3: “I already tried a time management course and it didn't work.”

Aaron’s Answer #3: Remember, past performance is not an indicator of future results. The Monthly Mentor™ program is specifically designed for you to discover your own life’s mission… and then empower you to achieve it. There’s nothing else like it.

“The Monthly Mentor™ Program is the most powerful and effective goal achieving program on the planet” – Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

Resistance Reason #4: “Using someone else's ‘system’ just doesn't seem natural.”

Aaron’s Answer #4:
My course is specifically designed to get YOU to set your own goals based upon what is important to you.

Resistance Reason #5: “I'm doing ok.”

Aaron’s Answer #5: I'm glad you're doing ok, but I have a question for you: are you gonna die with your songs still in you?

Maybe you have your life “figured out” but you have those nagging wishes from the past: vacations you wanted to take or hobbies you wanted to start. If there is ANYTHING you want to do that hasn't occurred yet, this program is specifically designed for YOU!



I want you to be completely without risk... so here’s my guarantee to you:

My Iron Clad TRIPLE Guarantee

Invest in the Monthly Mentor™ program today and see if I’m telling the truth.
Put the principles to work in your life and see the clarity that will flood your mind.

Notice how you begin to achieve more of your goals with less effort.

If the Monthly Mentor™ program is not everything I have promised you, and more…

… if you are not delighted with the results it delivers…

… I wouldn’t dream of keeping your money.

You have a full 30 days to put the program through its paces. I can’t be any fairer than that.

I will physically mail you a guarantee with my signature on it!

The guarantee is actually three separate guarantees:

First Guarantee:

You will be astounded by all of your own goals every month.

No one could offer this unless their program actually works. And Monthly Mentor™ works!

Just so you know… guarantees are against the “Mentor Code”. If the mentor guarantees a result, it’s as if nothing rests on the student’s shoulders.

I do it anyway! I’m the only one to offer a guarantee!

How can I afford to do this? Because Monthly Mentor™ works.

Second Guarantee:

You will actually begin to achieve goals that today seem outrageous!

Third Guarantee:

You will be dazzled to find you achieve some of your goals “automagically”!

To make this offer a complete “no brainer” for you, I’ll give you even more!

My 23 minute goal handbook. This little booklet will help you start seeing results immediately.


Shortly after you sign up for the program, we will personally call you, to get to know you, so we can do a great job mentoring you.


Monthly teleseminar – I host a monthly teleseminar where I answer ALL of YOUR questions! You can ask any question you want. People tell me they love hearing the answers to other people’s questions as well as their own.


My hardcover book – Double Your Income Doing What You Love. I’ve never included this before!


The Quickstart Teleseminar that I told you about before… it starts when you’re ready and you can go at your own pace… and I’m including it at no extra cost to you!


The Advanced Program:  $6,000 value for free! You get both binders, and all the CDs! That’s right.  You get the entire Advanced Program at no extra charge!



If you want to save a little money, you can get the download-only version at a massive $1,000 discount. That’s right… the entire program is available in digital format for just $2,495.



You also get another bonus related to the monthly fee. The monthly program is 17 months of accountability, mentoring, and coaching. I’m giving you a 90% discount, so your cost of just $97 a month!

You get accountability, mentoring, JV opportunities, me answering all your questions, the 4-week Quickstart, monthly teleseminars, contests, and my personal attention. And I’ll do one better: If you want to bring your family members, you can do so for just $147 a month, total. And it’s not limited to your own household… it includes whoever you call “family”.
That’s not $147 per person, it’s $147 for you and your entire family… even your extended family if you choose.
Most people choose this option because it is so powerful and it allows your whole family to come with you.


And now I’ll do one more thing that will completely blow you away! As an internet special, I’ll give you an additional $500 off either package. That means your investment is just $1,995 for the download version and $2,995 for the full hard copy plus digital version.

This program has been sold for twelve years. People in 11 countries around the world have purchased the program. 14,000 people have benefitted from the Monthly Mentor™ program.


NEW $3,000 Live Seminar Bonus Added!

This was a last minute decision, but I am so excited for you!

My team and I have decided - everyone who orders Monthly Mentor during this Internet Promotion gets 2 FREE TICKETS to my all-new "Monthly Mentor LIVE!" Seminar.

We're holding the Seminar this Fall (dates to be announced) in beautiful Toronto, Canada.

It will be TWO FULL DAYS of me teaching you MORE of my latest distinctions about the Monthly Mentor system.... and giving you personal attention as I work to help you "Double Your Income Doing What You Love".

This is a high-quality experiential event, which, if sold separately, would be a minimum cost of $3,000 per ticket. You get 2 TICKETS and you get them FREE when you claim your spot in Monthly Mentor RIGHT NOW!


Here’s what you need to do next:

Priority Registration

Yes, Raymond, I am ready to:
  • Have my goals “achieve themselves”.

  • Learn why “working harder” for my goals is not the answer.

  • Adopt the Monthly Mentor™ method for attaining my goals “Auto-magically”!

I can’t wait to begin living the new life that I deserve, doing only the things
I love to do. 

Option A - Full Physical Version Plus Download

Basic Program, Plus:

  • $3,000 Live Seminar Bonus
  • My 23 minute goal handbook.
  • Personal phone followup.
  • Monthly Unlimited Q&A teleseminar.
  • My hardcover book – Double Your Income Doing What You Love
  • Quickstart Teleseminar Series!
  • My Advanced Monthly Mentor™ Program: $6,000 value!
  • Discounted Monthly Fee.
  • $500 internet-only special discount!
Personal Monthly Access
$2995 USD and
$97 USD per month
Entire Family Monthly Access
$2995 USD and
$147 USD per month

Add To Cart
Add To Cart

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Basic Program, Plus:

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If I order the physical home study version, my order will ship within 3 business days.

And I’m also excited that I have 30 days upon receiving your product to put it to the test, and if it’s not everything Raymond promised, I may return it for a full refund. 

I look forward to working with you in the Monthly Mentor™ program.


Raymond Aaron

P.S. One year from today… will you be moving closer to a life you love? I’m so glad that a mentor took me by the hand and showed me how to achieve the success that had eluded me for so long.

You now have the same no-risk opportunity… seize it!

(Check out these success stories below, people just like you who made the decision to seize this no-risk opportunity)

When I saw you on the stage I just knew your program was the right one for me.  So without hesitation I rushed to sign up for your program.

The lessons that I learned enroute to achieving my goals are priceless…

Long story short I was hired for a March groundschool for WestJet Airlines! (see picture Whoa!!)  Its like the universe bent over backwards to help me reach my goal!  Insane!

Johan Gonzalez
Alberta, ON


With other…systems I've used in the past I noticed I'd write goals down then see the same sheet of paper months later with little or no progress.

Since using the Raymond Aaron's…Modules … my life has changed in all aspects. It truly is a life transforming system.

Since using the …program I've quit smoking also regained control of my finances and have a money management system in place. It inspires, motivates, and drives you on the right path for success no matter what you are attempting to accomplish.

There are countless possibilities and magic happens when you use it!

Thank You!

Michael Lachance
Miramar, FL


Without your program we were just going through the motions.  Your program jolted ideas, made us think outside the box, and most of all made us focus on our goals. 

Because of your program, I have expanded my real estate investing business, have become part owner in the company I was working for.

We are credit card debt free ($20K in 13 months), and have a passive income of $1100 per month.  I literally have friends and family now offering me money and wanting to invest with me. 

What a great feeling.  Making money and doing what I love.  Our next goal is to be completely debt free in 5 years and have enough passive income to retire in 10.  I’m going to do it in 7 (don’t tell the wife)!

Ron Nightingale
Fortworth, TX


I am a 23 year old full time grad student but I still find time and value time doing my MAINLY every month.

Ever since I started the MAINLY I have been piling up my successes by the week which includes reducing my debt by $70 per month, starting a candy vending business, and more…

Leron Collins
Marietla, GA


I used the MAINLY Principles and Raymond's teachings to accomplish the elusive goal of permanent weight control for a lifetime. I started at 298 LBS and 44% BMI (bodyfat).

As of September 18, 2007 I am at my goal of 174 LBS and 17.8% BMI and feel  like I am 15 years old again! The course teachings and enthusiasm of Raymond helped me to overcome many obstacles on my long road to excellent health and vitality!

Using the NEW principle along with INCOME out of the MAINLY Principles I went to Majorca, Spain in July 2007 to set up a new import and distribution business. 

Douglas Logue
Boca Raton, Florida


After being an educator for 28 years, directing junior high bands, I recognize a gifted teacher when I see one.  Raymond's systems and programs are pure genius. ... He presents the materials in a way that success is guaranteed.

Adeline Anderson
Park Forest, IL




With the “mainly” I have cleaned up several messes in my life, which has led to order and peace and I am increasing in wealth by decreasing my debts and increasing my net worth. I have charted many of my money goals and I am seeing great results in these areas.

I have discovered in the Love Letters the things I love to do and I have been able to put them at first priority. Writing is one thing I love to do! This program has helped me immensely get this first book under way and completed. I am very excited about this accomplishment and know it will pay off greatly.

Bill Chandler
Keller, TX


Truth be told, we purchased Raymond Aaron's system, and then did not allocate much time to it for a few months and- nothing changed. However, demonstrating his genuine difference from most success coaches, Raymond provided an incentive to complete our goals, so we pulled the system out again.

Well, the results have been phenomenal! Raymond's system really works.

What did I achieve over the months of working with the...system?

A painful debt - gone. A CD of original music compositions (one that I was always 'going to create' - for 6 years) - done. The "Overcoming Obstacles" process identified my personal issues and the results happenned. And as for more joy in my life? I completed Raymond's special "Annual Love Letters", and realized I was actually not taking any time for the activities I truly 'love' in my life.

Raymond's system has worked for both my partner and I. Raymond did this for us, and we are personally grateful.

Thank you, Raymond.

Larry and Susan Rosen
Oshawa, ON


I was deeply entrenched in my habits of procrastination, and starting something immediately was not even in my vocabulary.  

I wanted to change careers and learn how to earn money in the stock and option market.  I also wanted to get one of my short stories published as a stepping stone to becoming a novelist. 

I had been writing short stories intermittently for years, but I had never submitted any of them to a publisher.  Once I started writing down my steps and measuring my progress with the MAINLY, the universe very quickly stepped in to help me, as it seems to be so happy to do once I set my mind to accomplishing something and make it concrete by putting it in writing.  

So I sent in the newly rewritten story to a publisher, and within a couple of weeks, I had gotten an acceptance!  My story was one of only three stories that appeared in the very first edition of the magazine.  Goal accomplished with amazing and unexpected ease!

I had been trying to dabble in stocks for many years, but I was terrified to actually make my first trade. Within a couple of  months, I was signed up for classes and online services with a company that has many years of experience in teaching people to trade successfully — that’s some high powered delegation! 

Kevin Kiser
Palo Alto, CA